Guelph Little Libraries

There are more than 60 (confirmed!) Little Libraries sprinkled around Guelph! Make it your goal to visit them all!

I’ve been walking around town scoping out and taking pictures of little libraries, and arranging them into little walk-able routes. Each a route is under 6kms and loops around so you can get back to where you started. Most of the routes take you through neighbourhoods and sidewalks that should be accessible even in the winters – but mind the snow on the sidewalks!

Maps were originally shared on Guelph This and That – “Guelph’s Online Neighborhood” .

Part 1: ~20 Little Libraries, 4 walkable maps

Part 2: ~40 Little LIbraries, 6 walkable maps

Part 3: ~20 Little Libraries that are too spread out to be on a walkable route, coming soon!

Complete list as of July 2021

Part 1

4 walk-able maps, each a loop under 6kms

Map 1: Old Neighborhood Loop | 3 kms |

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Pics of little libraries from the Old Neighborhood Loop. I borrowed a book called “Canadian Phrase & Sayings” so better watch out everyone! 🙂

Map 2 | Parkwood Gardens Loop | 5.1 kms

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Pictures of little libraries along the Parkwood Gardens Loop. Includes a little library with its own little bench. I spoke to the homeowner who said “I often have families stop on their way to the park. After the kids play for a bit they stop and have a story and a snack and story. They drop the book off on their way home.”

Map 3 | Hanlon Creek Loop | 7.1 kms

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Pics of little libraries on the Hanlon Creek Loop. Included a cute little library that was a replica of the house behind it and a little free pantry that contained non-perishables for anyone to take/leave/borrow.

Map 4 | Speedvale Loop | 5.2 kms

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Pics of little libraries from the Speedvale loop. Includes a birdhouse, a house collecting empties for charities and a little library with is own little chair for resting.

Part 2

6 more walkable maps, each a route under 7 kms

Map 5 | Exhibition Park Loop | 3.7 kms

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Lot of mini Little Libraries tucked away in a small tight loop. One of them had a little cutout display that included 3 of my favourite things – cats, curiosity and comedy.

Map 6 | South End Loop | 5.7 kms

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Just 4 little libraries spread out over a nearly 6 km walk. I’d recommend this route in the summer so you can take advantage of the Orin Reid trail system and mix it up a bit.

Map 7 | Two Rivers Loop | 6.3 kms

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~10 little libraries and a couple of art displays packed into a nice walk around the old downtown neighbourhood. Also, 5 kms into my 6.5 km run. encountered the dreaded “100 steps” – which really are the 133 steps (yes I counted). By the time I got to the top, I was out of breath and perhaps briefly ascended the astral plane, haha.

Map 8 | Riverside Park Loop | 6.1 kms

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I recommend taking your time with this one, stop by and wander around the Riverside park with all the new books you have borrowed from these libraries! 🙂

Map 9 | Gordon and Stone Loop | 4.1 kms

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The map looks boring, but might be worth the trip just to see the one cool themed library on Kothright Rd. Also, I tried to make this route interesting by taking an alternative path back through the Village of Arbor Trails, which connects to Lorna Drive through a walking trail. But I guess the Village is technically private property, so back door connection to Lorna Drive is fenced in through a locked gate, so I ended up circling back.

Map 10 | Paisley & Norfolk Loop | 7kms

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These include a few I had missed these on my earlier runs that other folks were kind enough to flag for me. This was a beautiful day for a run: so many people out and about, including a gentleman who was out with his brushes, canvas and easel painting a (depiction of) house.

Part 3

Stand alone little libraries not conveniently on any of the mapped routes, coming soon!