Guelph 2022 Municipal Election Map

Map of Candidates running to represent you as Mayor, City Councillor and School Board Trustee

I made a map of all candidates running to represent you in the upcoming local elections, including links to their campaign platform, social media, contact information and candidate profiles. This interactive map is best viewed on a large screen.

Select your Ward from the dropdown list on top right to see a map of your ward. The big arterial roads in your ward are marked on the map to help you figure out what ward you might belong to.

Then, hover over or click on each candidate’s name for links to their campaigns, social media, candidate profiles and contact information.

My process: I started on for name, contact info and website of candidates. From there, I visited their website to link to their social media information. I also checked Guelph Today and Guelph Politico and linked to the respective candidate profiles. This entire process began early September and took about a month to compile. The info collected here is accurate and up-to date to the best of my ability.

“Guelph Maps Guy” is a community and public interest project by Abhi. “Guelph Maps Guy” is not affiliated with City of Guelph or University of Guelph or any other entities. Information on this website may not be accurate or up-to date. Use with discretion. All rights reserved. Always check with for official election information.

Questions or comments? Need info updated? Email me at [email protected]

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